About me:
My name is Jenna C. Zamie. I was born April 10, 1980. I'm tall, I'm fat and on my driver's license it says I have blonde hair and hazel eyes. The truth is the blonde turned brown, and the eyes turned blue or green.

I like reading, writing, drawing and playing video games, though the one I only have any particular skill at is writing. I'm not sure how much skill reading requires, though. I also enjoy web design and page layout, though my skills and knowledge are very basic. I enjoy compiling data in aesthetically pleasing ways.

I have a two-year degree in graphic design and a two years of a degree in English. I work as a paginator and copy editor at a newspaper.

What I want to with my life is write.

The best way to get ahold of me is e-mail.

I don't have a Facebook account. I don't have a Google+ account. I used to, and I deleted them. I have a Twitter account that I use almost exclusively to announce page updates, so you can follow that if you really want to. I'm not very responsive in a social media setting, because I am a hermit. Always have been.

If you e-mail me, I'll almost certainly answer you, after I get over my spasms of terror/panic/delight that you actually did so.

Otherwise: Tumblr. Forum.

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